A kaleidoscope of wonderful music

A KALEIDOSCOPE of music entitled “Songs from the Shows” included music from West End and Broadway hit musicals and a number from our very own Gowans and Larsson productions.  The concert heralded our Corps Anniversary weekend. The special guest vocal soloist was Jooles Tostevin from the Cambridge Corps. Our own Band and Songsters were also featured.

A capacity audience filled  the auditorium many from the community attending our corps for the first time!
The toe tapping “Rhythm of Life” sung by the Songsters opened the concert and were joined by a brass ensemble in a medley from “The Lion King”.  Jooles first contribution included “Somewhere over the Rainbow “ from “The Wizard of Oz”. The songsters sang “For Good” from the current West End show “Wicked”.

This was followed by “I will follow Him” featuring a trombone ensemble from our band’s SIX trombonists! This number came from Whoopi Goldberg’s “Sister Act”.  Jooles was joined by the Songsters and the brass ensemble in “Climb every Mountain” from “The Sound of Music”. The audience were given the opportunity to a Sing-a-long, featuring Doh a Deer, also from that same musical.

The second half of the concert began with a medley from “Godspell” followed by Jooles singing “As long as He needs me” from the musical “Oliver” and from “A little Night Music”  “Send in the Clowns”

There are many wonderful thought provoking songs with melodies from General John Larsson and lyrics from General John Gowans.  Their talents were featured in “Ask” from “Spirit” which was played by the Band, then the action song  “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” from “Glory” . The singers dressed in aprons and wielding brushes sang with meticulous choreography  This was followed by Alistair Campbell playing the cornet solo “Someone Cares” from “Take over Bid” We at Sale are blessed with talented musicians proven in the fact that the brass ensemble arrangements were penned by Alistair. From the musical “The Blood of the Lamb” the Songsters sang “They shall come from the East”

A time of reflection introduced our special guests for the weekend Lt. Colonels Alan and Alison Burns.  Jooles final song featured
walk with God” from “The Student Prince”.  The longest running West End musical “Les Miserables” was featured by the Band playing “I dreamed a Dream”.  Then with coloured flags waving the Songsters sang the finale to “Les Miserables” At this point the audience responded with a standing ovation and prolonged applause.