Mary Poppins Movie Night

We all look forward to our film nights and Friday 13th February was no exception. It’s a time for fellowship, laughter, and the opportunity to singalong together during the show.

The community hall was the venue to enjoy “Mary Poppins” the American musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney. A number of people dressed as characters from the film as shown in the accompanying photographs. Irene Batters appeared as Mary Poppins herself, complete with carpet bag and umbrella with a parrot’s head for the handle, and was a well-deserved winner in the competition for best fancy dress.

The tables were tastefully set with candles, flowers and soft drinks. A Mary Poppins quiz paper was on each table for us to be reminded of the facts of the film.

About 50 guests sat down to enjoy the meal in the Mary Poppins Café – Poppins Pie and Mash (seconds if desired) then Poppins Puds - so much choice in this department. Tea and coffee were served and bags of popcorn were passed around.

When the meal was finished we settled down to watch the film.

There are plenty of special effects and lots of laughs in the film and the many songs with which we all joined and sang heartily, the two most famous being “A spoonful of sugar,” and “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

I would like to mention at the end of this report that these social evenings do not ‘just happen on their own’. Several weeks of planning and many willing hands are required to produce both the film and a meal for everything to run smoothly. So we say thank you to Rachel for all you did, to Harry (Dobbs)who as always covered the evening with his photographic skills, and to Cilla, our cook who was presented with flowers by Aubrey on behalf of everyone.

It’s so important to come together in fellowship. Jesus said “Love one another as I have loved you.”