Jubilee Picnic in spite of the rain!

In spite of modern day technology the weather man is renowned for getting it wrong, but on Sunday 3rd June he was absolutely 'spot on' (with the emphasis on spot!).  They predicted rain and my didn't it rain, with the result that the Jubilee picnic on the paddock which had been planned for many weeks, had to be held in the community hall.

Undeterred, the hall was quickly decorated with bunting and balloons, and the cd player brought out to play music appropriate for the occasion, as we sat around to eat our picnic lunches.

The children really entered into the spirit, with flags they had made in Sunday School and outfits of red, white and blue.  They had union jacks painted on their faces, and not to be outdone, Major Irene and a few other brave adults joined the queue to have theirs done too.

It was lovely to see some of the Mums and their families from Baby & Toddler song coming to join in the fun and bringing their husbands along too.

The afternoon was rounded off by a group of 'extroverts' who formed a Jubilee choir and serenaded us with traditional songs reminiscent of the last night of the proms.

We ended the afternoon with three hearty cheers for Her Majesty - God bless her.