‘An Evening with Stuart Townend’

MONDAY evening November 12th and at last the long-awaited visit of Stuart Townend had arrived. The hall buzzed with the excited chatter of people who had travelled from all over the North-West to hear this well-known singer/song-writer. The audience, made up of representatives from many different churches, were not to be disappointed. What a feast of musical excellence awaited them and from the opening “Across the Lands” and “Creation Sings” the Lord was exalted and glorified.

Accompanying on his guitar, and later the piano, Stuart led us through times of joyous praise and beautiful, reflective meditation. He told us how he diligently sought to write songs about aspects of worship which other modern songs have, by and large, failed to do – such as the nature of God, the stories of Jesus and the message of the inclusiveness of the gospel.

Many songs were unfamiliar to some of us in the audience – but that didn’t matter as, after some instruction, we were soon able to sing along. Sometimes it was enough to just sit and allow the Holy Spirit to use the music to bless us, whilst other times we were able to join in with more familiar songs such as “The Power of the Cross”.

However, we would have been disappointed if we’d not had the opportunity to sing one of our favourite songs and the final song “In Christ Alone”, now number nine in the BBC Songs of Praise top ten hymns, sounded a resounding “Amen!” to a wonderful,unforgettable,evening.