Baby song was first set up over 7 years ago at Sale Corps.  It was started with just a few Mums and babies who would meet to spend time singing nursery rhymes with their babies in a friendly, welcoming environment.  Seven years on, we have grown so much that we now have three babysong classes running every Tuesday!  Each class has babies that are of a similar age or stage of their growth, so we have the babies who are learning to sit up, babies who are crawling and the toddlers. 

Babysong has become a real lifeline for many of the families who have attended, new friendships have been formed and a great sense of community is present amongst the groups.

So what are the benefits of song?

Music is something magical that you can share with your child and a way of communicating even before they can talk.  Singing can also calm you as well as your child, if you are feeling stressed and can provide a distraction if they are crying.

Music is the perfect vehicle for learning, for instance repeating rhymes to your child can help develop their language. Research has shown that music & song can help to develop communication, listening, concentration, sharing and social skills for babies. 

Please note, due to popular demand, there is a waiting list for the babysong & toddler song groups.