A group of Ladies meet each Monday morning to pray together. We start this meeting at twelve noon until about one o'clock. We pray for people who are sick and also for many personal issues, we pray for guidance and leading from the Lord.

You are welcome to join us at this time, all prayers and requests are shared in a confidential and loving way. The ladies in this Group have been coming each Monday for about four years and over that period we have seen many answers to prayer, have grown close in our fellowship and love for each other, and for the Lord.

Why not join us to experience the love and fellowship we share, we all find it is a good way to start our week - we leave the room feeling the peace and love of God - and yes we do share some laughter together.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing the Love of God with you. If you prefer we have a Prayer Tree in the Foyer of the Church - where you can write out your prayer on the cards supplied and then hang them on the tree - we do commit these prayers to the Lord on a regular basis.

God Bless you.