Welcome to Sale Salvation Army Website!

We are delighted to welcome you to Sale Salvation Army's website & we hope you will find the contents both interesting and helpful.  Hopefully the information on our website will give you something of the flavour of our church and community fellowship.

There are many stereotypes surrounding The Salvation Army, and many people do not know that we are, first and foremost, a Christian Church whose message is based on the Bible. The stereotypes such as helping the poor and brass bands are true, but do not tell the whole story. Everything we do is an expression of our love for Jesus Christ, and as a result an expression of our love for Sale.

We have a full programme of activities happening each week across all ages and our building is frequently used by community groups.  Visitors to our church often say that ours is a warm and welcoming fellowship.  Why not come along and decide for yourself.  You don’t need to be a member or wear a uniform to attend.  Sunday services are at 10.30am & children's & youth worship from 11.00am.  If this is not possible for you then please browse our website and take a look at the other events, which may be of interest to you.